Here at Acli-Mate® we strive to make sustainable business choices that help protect our environment and our planet.  Environmental impact and sustainability always factor into our business decisions. Our products, Acli-Mate® Mountain are meant to be enjoyed while playing in the outdoors and adventuring.  The ever growing environmental challenges we face as a species and as a planet are large but we understand that it is small, everyday decisions can make a difference if we all participate together.

Conscious of our environmental impact, we have selected post-consumer recycled materials for the boxes Acli-Mate® Mountain cartons are packaged in.  Acli-Mate® cartons are also printed with soy-based inks, which are better for the environment than traditional petroleum based inks, and allow for optimum recycling of our boxes.  Acli-Mate® Mountain tubs are made from #2 recyclable plastic and we encourage our users to recycle both the boxes and tubs.  Locals in the Gunnison Valley can even bring their tubs into The Main Street Clinic in Gunnison to have them refilled with bulk product to further the reuse our packaging.

Beyond our packaging, our manufacturing company, Protein Research, is also a “green” business.  They strive to create a better workplace and guide production to meet and surpass typical standards.  All facility lighting is energy efficient bulbs, forklifts are 100% electric and are charged via electricity efficient generators, and on site recycling is a priority.  100% of cardboard and recyclable plastics are recycled as well office paper, bottles, cans, and all other recyclables.

Not only have sustainable business practices been considered when designing packaging and selecting manufacturing companies but we at Acli-Mate® encourage and utilize bicycles as much as possible for commuting to and from work.  At Acli-Mate® headquarters all recyclable items are collected, and each sheet of office paper is used both front and back.  Acli-Mate® staff enjoy regular adventures in the mountains and work professionally and personally to help minimize our impact.  Acli-Mate® is also a member of Gunnison Trails to promote trail advocacy for maintaining existing trails, educating users, and pursuing new opportunities for biking, running and hiking trails throughout Gunnison County.