Acli-Mate® Mountain and Endurance Natural Sport Drinks

Acclimatization to High Elevation and High Altitude Sickness/ Acute Mountain Sickness aid:
Use Acli-Mate® MOUNTAIN.  Prepare as directed.  Use 3 times daily, starting three days prior to arrival at elevation and for the duration of your stay.

Pre-Workout and Sport Nutrition:
Acli-Mate® MOUNTAIN 30-60 minutes prior to exercise for optimal nutrient loading and hydration.  You may also mix up a bottle to use both during and after for sustained energy and recovery.

Mountain Performance:
Use Acli-Mate® MOUNTAIN.  Prepare as directed.  Use 3 times daily starting three days prior to exercise at elevation and for the duration of your stay at altitude.  Use 60-90 minutes before physical activity for pre-sport hydration and nutrition.

Sport Performance:
Use ENDURANCE Sport Performance Drink.  ENDURANCE contains complex and simple carbohydrates, essential minerals for blood sugar stability and decreased muscle cramping, B-vitamins for efficient energy production, as well as electrolytes for optimal and sustained hydration.*

After Workout Recovery:
Use Acli-Mate® MOUNTAIN with potassium, vitamin C, Rhodiola, and CoQ10 for optimal recovery.*

Recommended 1-2-3 System:

  • MOUNTAIN for pre-sport nutrition and acclimatization.
  • ENDURANCE for optimal performance .
  • MOUNTAIN for post-sport recovery.

Running / Cycling / Skiing:
Acli-Mate® Mountain Sport and Endu
rance Sport Performance Drinks are optimal for runners and cyclists as the demand upon the body during these activities can be intense.  It is recommended that you try using Acli-Mate® Mountain Sport Drink prior to sport at varying times.  For example, use 30 minutes prior, then 60 minutes prior, and 90 minutes prior to determine which usage works best for you as a pre-sport energy and hydration supplement.  Acli-Mate® MOUNTAIN may also be used during activity.  ENDURANCE Sport Performance Drink has been created specifically for endurance athletes to promote performance, energy, and hydration during high-impact activity.

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