Dr. Roanne Rouse Houck & Mark Pike

Acli-Mate® Natural Sport Drinks are the creation of Dr. Roanne Houck for health conscious individuals seeking optimal hydration, vitamin and mineral replacement, natural energy and acclimatization.  Dr. Houck, N.D., founded Acli-Mate® in 2003 with the introduction of Acli-Mate® Mountain Sport Drink – a natural vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplement in a powdered drink mix formula.  Acli-Mate® MOUNTAIN was formulated specifically to aid mountain visitors and athletes with acclimatization and performance at elevation, as well as to promote optimal performance and efficient recovery at any elevation.

Sales of Acli-Mate® MOUNTAIN sport drink increased in the Colorado Rocky Mountain region from 2003 to 2008.  In 2009, Mark Pike joined the company as Co-Owner taking on the role and responsibilities of Vice President and Management of Sales and Marketing.

Expansion into additional markets and regions has been the focus for the last three years with many major accomplishments by the company.  Currently Acli-Mate® is in over 375 stores including the following chains:

Acli-Mate® Formulations, LLC is based in Gunnison, Colorado and employs a local team involved in product development, sales, marketing and community outreach.  We use post-consumer recycled material in our boxes, #2 recyclable plastic tubs, and encourage our buyers to recycle these containers after use.

Thanks for your interest in Acli-Mate® Natural Sport Drinks!

 Dr. Roanne Rouse Houck & Mark Pike