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Promoting the health of the mountain visitor and guest, naturally.

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Acli-Mate® Mountain Sport Drink is the perfect hydration supplement for mountain weddings!  It delivers enhanced acclimatization, energy, and recovery.  Acli-Mate® Mountain contains natural ingredients, never anything artificial.  It comes in easy to use individual serving packets in three delicious flavors: Mountain Grape, Elevation Orange and Colorado Cran-Raspberry.

Acli-Mate® Mountain Sport Drink contains a select blend of electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts (Rhodiola, Schizandra and Gingko) in a base of real fruit powders and natural sweeteners.  Acli-Mate® Mountain Sport Drink may be used by visitors of all ages.  Acli-Mate® Mountain is the perfect wedding companion designed to help ensure mountain residents and visitors feel their best on the day of – and the day after!

Tips for that special day:

  • Share this link on your wedding website: 6 Tips to Help Reduce Risk of Altitude Sickness.
  • Inform guests about the climate, elevation and ways to come prepared.
  • Remind your guests to stay well hydrated before and during their mountain stay.
  • Start Acli-Mate MOUNTAIN three days prior to arrival and for the duration of your stay in the mountains.
  • Purchase individual Acli-Mate MOUNTAIN packets for guest favors, welcome baskets, and place settings.
  • Have Acli-Mate on hand for all the events associated with your special wedding day to help ensure everyone feels their best.


Acli-Mate Products

It is a great idea to order packets of Acli-Mate® Mountain Sport Drink to put in guest ‘goodie bags’ or welcome baskets, as well as have on hand in case someone begins to experience symptoms of altitude sickness.

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What is Acli-Mate® Mountain Sport Drink?

Acli-Mate® Mountain is a physician formulated electrolyte drink mix supplement designed for the mountain environment.  It delivers optimal hydration, non-stimulant energy, and promotes natural acclimatization.

How does it work?

Blended electrolytes deliver complete hydration while B-Vitamins, and minerals nourish the body and promote natural energy production.  Rhodiola Root and Schizandra Berry extracts aid the body in adapting to physical, emotional, and environmental stressors.  This includes altitude, sleep deprivation, and physical challenges.  Acli-Mate® Mountain Sport Drink is the ideal natural electrolyte replacement beverage for individuals seeking optimal physical performance, especially under added stress.

Who should use Acli-Mate®?

Adults and kids seeking acclimatization, optimal hydration, and/or natural energy.

Directions for use:

Mix one serving of Acli-Mate® Mountain Sport Drink with 10-12 ounces of water or to taste preference.  Use up three times daily, starting three days prior to travel to elevation and for duration of your stay for optimal acclimatization.  Use daily for hydration and natural energy.

Acli-Mate® Mountain Sport Drink:

Available in cartons containing 30 single serving packets and 30 serving tubs.  Acli-Mate® Mountain Sport Drink comes in 3 natural flavors: Orange, Grape and Cran-Raspberry.  Acli-Mate® contains only natural and organic ingredients and is a great choice for those with food sensitivities.  Acli-Mate® Mountain Sport Drink contains NO: Gluten, dairy, egg, yeast, soy, corn or high fructose corn syrup.