Acli-Mate® Mountain Sport Drink contains electrolytes for hydration, Vitamin C, Rhodiola, and Schizandra for adrenal wellness and acclimatization support, and B-Vitamins for energy.  Our unique and effective formula makes Acli-Mate® Mountain Sport Drink the perfect natural remedy for High Altitude Sickness, also called Acute Mountain Sickness.  This makes Acli-Mate® Mountain a healthy, natural choice for every mountain traveler, outdoor enthusiast, and athlete at any age.

Ensure you feel your best while in the mountains by preparing for your trip.  Start using Acli-Mate® Mountain Sport Drink three days prior to arrival at high elevation and continue for the duration of your stay.  It is recommended you drink three servings daily before 7 pm for best results.   Acli-Mate® Mountain Sport Drink is great for hydration, energy, and acclimatization in both kids and adults.

Common symptoms of High Altitude Sickness / Acute Mountain Sickness include: fatigue, headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, muscle cramping, insomnia, elevated blood pressure, shortness of breath, water retention, and dehydration.  Recognizing the symptoms of High Altitude Sickness, getting to a lower elevation, using supplemental oxygen, staying hydrated with water and Acli-Mate® Mountain Sport Drink may help to prevent or reduce the severity of altitude sickness.  (Immediate medical attention is advised for moderate to severe AMS!)

See “For Best Results” for additional information on optimal acclimatization and performance.

Don’t let your vacation or trip to the mountains be spoiled by having to deal with High Altitude Sickness.  Instead, on your next adventure try Acli-Mate® Mountain, stay hydrated, and enjoy yourself.  We receive countless testimonials detailing how Acli-Mate® Mountain has aided travelers with acclimatization to high elevation.  Acli-Mate® Mountain Sport Drink is available in three delicious flavors, pick your favorite or buy a mountain mix to sample them all.