Acli-Mate® MOUNTAIN Sport Drink contains potassium and vitamin C plus the herb Rhodiola, all of which support optimal recovery.  Acli-Mate® MOUNTAIN Sport Drink is best used after exercise, illness, or alcohol as well as before and during travel to elevation.  The Acli-Mate® MOUNTAIN formula is our formula designed to help aid in the prevention of High Altitude Sickness / Acute Mountain Sickness.

There is no protein in any of our formulas.  This is because, with so many choices for protein replacement, choosing one over others automatically excludes many individuals with food sensitivity issues or dietary restrictions. Supplementing use of either Acli-Mate® Mountain Sport with a protein powder or whole food protein is an excellent means of promoting recovery.  Some powdered protein replacement ideas: whey, pea, bean, brown rice, sprouted grain, egg, or soy.  Whole food protein replacement ideas: eggs, tuna, chicken, beef, pork, hummus, beans, peas, nuts, seeds, sprouts, soy, and dairy products.