Acli-Mate® Mountain Sport Drink: Altitude + Energy = Mountain Grape™ Tub


30 servings per tub

Mountain Grape™ is our most popular flavor for all those grape/berry lovers. It is flavored with organic cane sugar, grape juice powder & a touch of Stevia & Lo Han and colored with natural grape skins making it a perfect, healthy sport and energy drink.

Kids love the flavor as a drink, ice pop or in smoothies.

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30 servings per tub

Acli-Mate® Mountain Sport Drinks contain only 35 calories and 8 grams of sugar per serving. NO artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, gluten, dairy, egg, soy, yeast, corn or caffeine. The Mountain Sport Drink is the perfect choice for the mountain visitor and adventurer seeking improved acclimatization and energy! Also a great hydration supplement for those with food allergies or sensitivities.

Acli-Mate® Tubs are more economical and require less packaging that the individual serving packets, making them a great choice to keep on the shelf at home for everyday use.

One serving mixes with 10 – 12 ounces of cool or warm water; adjust to taste preference.

Nutrition Panel- Acli-Mate® Mountain Sport Drink: Altitude + Energy = Grape Carton


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