What a great product! Wayne R.

My wife and I traveled to Ecuador this past February and, before going to the Galapagos, enjoyed a six day land tour of the country. Our established altitude was 9500′ but we hiked at 12,000′ and did some sightseeing at 14,000′. Previously we had experienced altitude sickness a couple of years ago in Cuzco and…

“I am thoroughly enjoying this product!”

Taste – “Smooth taste and flavorful, not overbearing” Sugar content – “Does not taste too sugary” Electrolytes – “Ran a 24-miler (over 3-hrs) recently with 24-ounces of Acli-Mate (one hand-held bottle), a few gels, and felt great; no problem with muscle/leg cramping and just sipping the beverage from the bottle (while running) every 10-20 minutes…

Acli-Mate is Great for Travel

Acli-Mate is Great for Travel:

  • Great light taste & not too sweet
  • Very good way to get people who don’t like to drink water… drinking lots of it
  • Awesome for flavoring horrible-tasting water when traveling
  • Very good electrolyte replacement while exercising

Dee Koloski ND, LAc
CoAND President